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Automatic Shut-Down System "ASDS"


The Automatic Shut-Down System (“ASDS”), a.k.a. “The Black Box” was developed by Sequoia Equipment Company to accommodate our customers. However, the system has a far greater potential than we had previously expected.  The ASDS System is in the patent pending process and was developed to assist our dairy/commodity customers in their wheel loader applications. The ASDS System will soon be available to accommodate all makes & models of loaders including excavators, dozers, backhoes, compactors, etc.


During one of our management meetings the question came about as to how we could better manage our customer’s fleets and reduce the wasted warranty hours due to excessive idling time. Based on this concern, we decided to investigate the possibility to shut down the engine after the engine went into the low idle mode. This concept would provide the needed benefits that would save our customers fuel, service, warranty and would ultimately save them money. Therefore, the development of the ASDS System began. The system was originally developed to accommodate our customers in the dairy/commodity markets who purchased a Case E-Series wheel loader in an effort to resolve various concerns/problems in their feeding/loading operations.


Our objective was to identify and resolve (i) excessive fuel usage and (ii) out-of-warranty issues that have been an ongoing and costly factor with our customers.  The concern to us was an obvious one that required a resolve.  Operators were leaving the machines running (idle) while completing their feeding responsibilities in an effort to retain desired environmental cab conditions.  This was a costly issue as fuel prices continued to escalate and warranty issues became more expensive not only for the customers, but for the dealer who is supporting the customer.  This is even more true when a unit is out of the warranty term due to excessive hour usage, but the warranty term had not expired. When we first installed our prototype system in a customer’s unit, in conjunction with the GPS system, the results were astonishing.  Therefore, after various studies and testing in dairy applications the ASDS System proved to resolve the problem. In doing so, this saved our dairy customers a substantial amount of money on their investment, reduced service intervals and lost warranty hours due to excessive idle time.


To further prove our system we installed the ASDS Systems in the six (6) Case 621E XR units sold to Joseph Gallo Farms in April 2008.  As per Kenny Jelacich, c/o Joseph Gallo Farms, confirmed, the saving has been significant. “They [Sequoia Equipment Company] came to us with a system that combines a GPS tracking device with an automatic engine shut-off. If the loader idles for two minutes, it shuts off automatically,” Jelacich explained. “Our service guy calculated that we save six gallons of fuel per day per machine because of this system. That’s 36 gallons a day, 252 gallons a week, and 12,500 gallons a year. Even at $2 a gallon, that’s $25,000 a year in fuel savings. That’s substantial – something you can feel good about." http://www.josephfarms.com/

As a company, Sequoia Equipment Company, Inc. continues to work “outside the envelope” to assist and manage our customer’s fleets.  During our testing and field trials customers have been very receptive and appreciative regarding our intent to find alternative products to assist in their daily operations. Furthermore, these same customers have been inquisitive as to availability for non-Case machines and have provided us the opportunity to test other makes and models to further improve the ASDS System. Since, we have developed the ASDS System our customers realize that our concern is for their benefit and this has provided us additional opportunities to market our after sales parts and service programs. At this time, various manufacturers have also developed a system to shut-down current production models and other manufactures will soon have a similar product for new production units. However, the ASDS System will shutdown both current and prior production units.

The ASDS System has been a joint effort of several individuals within the company. Several ideas have been considered in the development of the system. Options that will soon be available include variable time setting for system shut-down, LCD service tool for setting the system in various applications, adaptor harnesses for various makes and models, audible alarms to inform the operator that the system will be shutting down, special orders for customers requirements, and more (see pdf. file).

Cal-ARB Regulations.

Effective as of June 15, 2008, the California Air Resources Board passed a regulation containing a limit on unnecessary idling. The regulation state: “No vehicle or engines subject to this regulation may idle for more than five (5) consecutive minutes.” This limit applies to all off-road diesel vehicles subject to the regulation, unless the vehicle is idling for specific circumstances defined in the regulation or a waiver has been granted. The ASDS System will accommodate this regulation and help prevent the possibility of a stringent fine. http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/ordiesel/guidance/writtenidlingguide.pdf

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