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Rental Equipment Guidelines

The following guidelines must be adhered to during the rental period:
  1. Credit - Credit department approval is required on all new accounts. Credit may be denied at anytime for any reason.

  2. Payment — Rental payment must be provided in advance; payment can be charged to a CNH Capital Revolving Account, VISA, MasterCard Account or American Express credit card.

  3. Freight is FOB dealership

  4. Insurance — Lessee must furnish a certificate of insurance naming Sequoia Equipment Company as the Loss Payee and the Additional Insured for the retail value of the rental equipment. Sequoia Equipment Company can offer the lessee PDI via CNH Capital.

  5. Rental Contract — A rental contract must be completed for every transaction with all pertinent data furnished prior to the release of the rental equipment.

  6. U.C.C. Filing — A UCC will be filed with the Secretary of State, which protects Sequoia Equipment Company’s security interest in the equipment.

  7. Hour Limits

    Daily8 hours
    Weekly40 hours
    Monthly160 hours

  8. Rental Rates — Rental rates are based on a month-to-month basis. Subject to prior written approval, a guaranteed long term rental period may be favored with a reduced rate.

  9. Interest Rates — Sequoia Equipment Company will allow 70% of the paid rental payments to be applied to the agreed purchase option price. Furthermore, the interest charge will be computed at a rate of 18% per annum.

  10. Repairs and Maintenance — All repairs required due to abuse or negligence will be charged to the lessee upon return of the damaged rental equipment. Additionally, any abnormal clean-up costs will be the responsibility of the lessee.

  11. Rental Machines are fully fueled when leaving, and should be returned with a full tank to avoid additional charges on your rental billings.

  12. See: Terms & Conditions

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